GaGa Ball Pit

Pizza Kits for Gaga Ball!    

In November, the PTO will be doing a Little Caesar’s Pizza Kit Fundraiser to raise funds for a Ga-Ga Ball Pit on the school playground. There are many schools in the district that are installing these courts.


What is Ga-Ga Ball?

Ga-Ga Ball is believed to have originated in Isreal. Ga means “hit” or “touch” in Hebrew. In the rules of Ga-Ga ball, the ball much touch the ground two or three times before it is considered to be in play, hence the name.  



How is it played?

Ga-ga is played in a large fenced in area (usually an octagon or hexagon) called a ga-ga pit. The ga-ga pit generally consists of flat walls atop a smooth dirt, turf, sand, or rubberized surface. The ga-ga ball can vary in size and form, generally ranging from a foam dodgeball to a rubber kickball. The game begins when one player or a referee throws the ga-ga ball into the air; while their backs or hands are against the wall, the players shout “Ga” on each of the first three bounces. After three bounces, the ball is in play, and the players may leave the wall and “hit” the ball at each other below the knees in the pit. A player who is hit by the ball or breaks a rule is eliminated and must leave the game. Players may not “hit” the ball twice in a row, and a player who causes the ball to leave the pit is out. When the ball is caught in the air on a fly, the last person to hit the ball is out.


Each pizza kit has multiple pizzas in it and is a $6 profit for us. If every student sells 2 kits each we will have more than enough funds to purchase the pit hardware and then the lumber that is needed to set it up for use. Friends and family who live in the US can help by ordering online at and using fundraising ID#: 358541


Money will need to be submitted to the school office by November 16.  

Pizza Kits will be available for pick up at school on Thursday, November 29 at 1:45pm until 7:30pm.

Checks made payable to Ardenwald PTO.


There will be a signup on Help Counter for help counting, sorting and distributing kits on November 29.


Any questions email Emily Short

For allergy information go to


The top 20 fundraisers in each grade will get to play an inaugural game at their recess, in the pit, when it is installed.

Sell 15 kits and get a kit of your choice free.



Pizza Kit Fundraiser Flyer