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Nikki called to order 6:04pm

New Business:

  • Clackamas Fire Presentation on safety and community. October is Fire Prevention month. Will be hosting open stations around the county. This year’s topic is “Have two ways to get out!”. Good time to discuss with families. Will help with scare tactics if needed. They had to go and left flyers for us.
  • Mitzi from the bond and school board came to sit in on the meeting and will give us a heads up at the end.
  • Movie night-Tanya going to write up etiquette letter and there will be rules and consequences.
  • Magnets have arrived Sunny will separate magnets and give out to teachers via boxes.
  • Dine out on Thursday for Mike’s drive in!

Vice Principal’s Time: Ms. Serna

  • Owl’s nest is getting used quite a bit. The boat is getting used the most. Students have to sign in, they are tracking who/what/when is getting used. If a student is using it very frequently they may need more intervention.
  • She shared with the staff our budget. Mary had already ordered the magazines. The staff loves being helped with transportation. Staff would like more help with technology. What is the technology strategy for the school? We would also need to know what we have at the school.
  • We need to remind the teachers about donors choose, especially when it is the double match day. Ms. Serna will bring up on Thursday for the teacher meeting.
  • Ms. Serna to remind teachers to reach out regarding Auction Donations to teachers.

Treasurer’s Report: $6800 in bank. Taxes filed. Sarah is looking into insurance.

Volunteer Opportunities: Sunny L.

Picture day volunteers are  taken care of, not many for Movie night yet. Starbucks coming to Bingo, maybe students from High School too. Thinking about 25+hours volunteers get entered into a raffle.

  • Current Opportunities:
    • International Walk to School Day – 10/4 All routes covered.
    • Picture Day – 10/4 Covered.
    • Costume Drive and Movie Night – (exchange 10/20 movie night) Faith may be able to help. Swap encouraged, no one turned away.
    • Bingo Night – 10/27/17
    • Book Fair- 10/27/17

Old Business:

  • Minutes Approval=minutes approved.

Upcoming Events:

  • International Walk to School Day – 10/4
  • Costume Drive and movie night- 10/20
  • Bingo Night – 10/27
    • Nikki getting flyers together for teachers. Will have sign up and a list of ideas. Ms Serna suggests doing grades rather than classes also to offer to allow donations rather than items. Maybe do baskets ahead of time so kids could see them and get parents excited.
    • Food, pizzas didn’t come through. Talking about sliders. Sarah suggests Papa Murphy’s. $5 dollar pizzas. Ms Serna suggests Tostadas/nachos. Pasta also suggested.
    • Seating was at a premium
    • Next year try and find a food truck?
  • Fall Box Tops collection
  • Fall Spirit Wear orders
  • Toy Drive 12/4

Safe Routes to School:

  • Safety patrol flags & vests are done and at the school! Receipts are turned in. Only 4 flags were available to purchase.
  • SRTS map for parents/students, Cameron is working on it, will revisit in November.

Auction Donations

  • Share with parents to submit leads for donations to Lori or Chele
  • Auction team wants to send out feelers to students about leads for auction, donations. Nikki will get paperwork to Chele and Lori.
  • Forms need to printed, Nikki will print request forms.
  • We got the Disney passes to auction!
  • Head to tails game, win a pot. May be fun for mid auction break.


  • School budget committee has 2 vacancies applications have to be turned in by OCT 2.
  • District needs bus drivers.
  • PCLA Meeting about after school care. Parent and Community Leadership Alliance.
  • Transition to middle school program in August was very successful. Will probably happen again.



Nikki Called meeting to order at 6:02pm

Introductions\Round Table:Nikki introduced board.Fundraising goal is $13,779.86 in order to make the budget for next year. We are still able to fund teacher allotment. Ms. Serna to let teachers know. Forms also on website.                                                                     

Vice Principal’s Time: Ms. Serna introduced herself. She is working on how to thank the church for the back to school night.Owls Nest is new this year. Helps student self regulate. Students can go for 10 minutes via their own or teachers request. Darkness to Light came to principal’s meeting, working on when they can come here. New Parking lot procedure, staff has been managing traffic.

New Business:

  • Jean Roy and Dana Vissey with the Eco-School Network parent based organization. Dessert meetup Oct. 4th at 7pm, will be an informational meeting at the Happy Valley Public Library.

Volunteer Opportunities: Sunny L.

  • Current Opportunities: We always need Volunteers!
    • Dental Sealant
    • Movie Nights
    • Jog-A-Thon
    • International Walk to School Day
    • Costume Drive decorate trick or treat bags.
    • Bingo Night Sunny to talk to Jeff about Starbucks Volunteers. Contact Kohls to see if we can do 6 volunteers and $600.
    • Auction

Jeff Loudon has free tickets to Hank Williams Jr. at Moda Center. Bonus for people who attended the meeting. He often has tickets for Moda events usually last minute and need %75 turn out.

Upcoming Events:

  • Movie Night Some issues with district redoing website but event is the same.
  • Jog-A-thon
  • International Walk to School Day, will need volunteers to walk parents and kids to school. Must have background check.
  • Costume Drive Exchange. Collect costumes to trade out for new to them costumes. Parents to pick out.
  • Bingo Night
  • Toy Drive Exchange. Collect Toys to trade out for new to them toys. Parents to pick out.
  • Auction

Dinelle Wright is the new librarian, needs volunteers to help shelve the books. Students can now get books at any time during the week. Book Fair is coming up, offering up a percentage if we can help. Bingo Night will be during book fair. Needs us to release Ardenwald Library Facebook domain.

Julie wants to start up Books and Beyond Program to get kids excited about books and writing about books. Involves logging books and incentives(book and writing incentives). Needs parent volunteers to read logs, ideas of places to ask for prizes(sponsors get advertising) and financial backing. Awards for kids and classes who read the most.  Approx $750 cost for the program.

Election in October for positions not filled. (President and Vice President)

Box Tops due in October

Spiritwear due in October: Staff requesting zip front hoodies

King Elementary in NE proposing sister school, not sure what it means, Sunny to research further.

Old Business:

  • Minutes Approval=approved