Introductions\Round Table : Called to order 6:03

Treasurer’s Report:  Sarah absent                                                                                                                          

Vice Principal’s Time:  Ms. Serna is absent.                                                                          

Volunteer Opportunities: Sunny L.

Current Opportunities:

  • Field Day, Parents mostly just show up day of event.
  • Snow Cone Party Wednesday 1:30, Ms Kerr wants Thursday Tanya to volunteer. Ms. Harp needs to get back to us. Maybe they can do it together?
  • Camp learned A Lot starts Thursday.

New Business:

  • Elections in Fall: Kelly will be stepping down and doing boxtops and safe routes to school. Kindergarten liaison position may be a good idea. Nikki needs to scale back. Classroom party person (working title). Spirit Wear
  • Sugarland Tickets
  • June 11th Chalk party after 6pm to decorate courtyard for last day of school! Emailed RE Spirograph
  • Receipts coming in from teachers.
  • Kindergarten Welcome gifts. Count and package. 1st meeting of the year make it a dinner? Dr. Webster first meeting? Vice principal?
  • Blair donated sandwich board
  • Rowe Honor Society is going to need volunteer hours, Lori to give Sunny info.
  • Back to School Night: More volunteers to hand out flyers, spirit wear, and mingle
    • Hand out magnets voted approved

Old Business

  • Minutes Approval -approved
  • Camp Learned Alot- Anything to help with last minute? Need help handing out cookies Friday.
  • Dine Out Update- Any plans solidified for end of school Dine-Out, table until next year?
  • Field day- Everything ready to go, morning of fill up water balloons. Bring wagon.
  • Battle of the Books- Need to email teachers to see who is missing books and let them know we what we can help purchase.
  • Mr Rintz get present yet?
  • Sunny working on volunteer rewards ready.
  • Bulk pick up on the 9th. This week. Kelly will post.



Nikki Called to order 6:06

Introductions\Round Table : Nikki, Tanya, Sunny, Chele, Kelly, Sarah, Lori and Sara

Treasurer’s Report:12,739 balance as of today. Spent 13,118, 3,400 left to spend this year.                                                                                                                             

Vice Principal’s Time:  Ms. Serna-absent                                                                      

Volunteer Opportunities: Sunny L.

  • Current Opportunities:
    • Bike to School – none needed, May is national bike month! Events are happening this month.
    • Literacy Night- 5/24 6:15pm start time.
    • Movie Night
    • Field Day-Usually parents just show up.

New Business:

  • Camp Learned Alot- Last 4 days of school year. We did treats for each kid last year, we need to get the amounts we spent last year and see if we can afford to do crafts too. Right now we have $100 budget to spend.  
  • Boddington Fund Request-Grammaropolis subscription for her class toward her allotment.  Approved and email sent with form.
  • Elections next month. Nikki will be sending out the forms. Need to add an option to shadow positions and offer committee options.
  • Would we have better attendance with after school meetings? We would be willing do it but no childcare?
  • Potential Pto Kindergarten mixer BBQ.
  • Incentives for teachers to come to events. Tickets/food/raffle? PTO event Bingo? Attend 3 events get extra money.
  • Supply Cake may be made into 4 smaller cakes won at back to school night to kids class. Sunny has a raffle going for volunteers may do it that way.
  • Do teachers see transportation bills? Make some sort of chart to show teacher
  • Jose Mario appreciation gift. $50
  • Mr Rintz needs extra gift. Whiskey/demerara syrup/whiskey stones glassware.
  • Request for funds for Ms. Cope retirement

Old Business

  • Minutes Approval- Approved
  • Dine Out Update-Not for May, Mikes?End of school year bump? Shave ice truck?
  • Staff appreciation – How did it go? The joint staff celebration was not a hit. We ended up cancelling stuff.  Liz handed out breakfast boxes and that went well. $600 for staff appreciation. May just donate half to top time donors. Will bring up again at board meeting/budget planning meeting.
  • Plant Sale- Recap, extended date to get more orders, many mixups. Is it worth it to do it next year? Revisit at budget planning/ board meeting, made $400 Need to do more outreach. Normally middle of March we get the info, need to send it out earlier put signs out etc. Ask Fast signs for donation of signs next years.
  • Jog-a-thon winners notified? Did we email classes about Jogathon and Boxtops? Nikki notified already done 3 parties. 3 more to go. Sherrier, Kerr and
  • Safety Patrol Party-Done, had a great time. Need to get more info to parents before the party like drop off info.
  • Spiritwear update- Unknown. Need to get a form to the CARE room one of the gals needs a new shirt.
  • Field Day update= $100 budget. Talked to Mr. Borelli. On Target.
  • PTO/PTA reach out: Sara talked about her visit to other PTA.
  • Literacy Night: Did Ms. Futch get enough volunteers?
  • Jean’s Farm, in Green Teams hands.  
  • Battle of the Books-List is out. Need to talk to Ms. Wright about it, Maybe get a classroom set of books or buy for the library.


Meeting called by Nikki at 6:03pm

Introductions\Round Table :Tanya, Nikki, Kelly, Lori, Jay, Sarah in attendance.

Treasurer’s Report:  $12,427 in account. $8054 from Auction, with money still to come in                                                                                                                                                         

Vice Principal’s Time:  Ms. Serna absent                                                                          

Volunteer Opportunities: Sunny L. Sick

  • Current Opportunities:
    • Movie Night 4/20 Ferdinand
    • Plant Sale – unloaders, order hander outers
    • Bike to School
    • Appreciation Weeks

New Business:

  • Plant Sale – Flyers in teachers boxes, Nikki will send digital copy of order form to Kelly to post
  • Spirit Wear – Nikki waiting to hear from Heidi
  • Literacy Night -PTO to supply cookies and coffee. Need to check with Mary about where and how much the cookie trays were for Art night.
  • Field Day – PTO supplies water balloons and beach balls, but still need to talk to Mr. Borelli
  • Bike to School Day/Month – Kelly thinking of making if a month long thing to bring in more participants. Don’t know if there will be a weekly drawing or just the end of the month.
  • Leweling would like to a meet and greet with our PTO, discuss, trade ideas. Nikki suggests maybe holding it at Ardenwald and invite other PTA’s and PTO’s

Old Business

  • Minutes Approval – Approved
  • Dine Out Update – Lori will contact 5guys and see what, when and all that out.
  • Snacks will be delivered Thursday – Tanya
  • Staff appreciation –
    • Lori checking with Great Harvest to see what they mean by “rolls”
    • Nikki
      • Putting together teacher cake
      • Weekly happies in boxes
        • Got approval to purchase balm for “You’re the Balm” gifts
    • Nikki to email Liz to ask what up with meals and days she is covering and to get info about teacher and classified doing something.
      • Need to be able to get days and other info to Chris (wants to provide pastries and such for other morning
    • Nikki to email Mary, Dr. Webster and Ms. Serna about her idea to have classes write thank you’s and put them on the pillars in the front hallway.  They can be drawings or just Thank You!
  • NEED to notify Jog-a-thon winners that they won – Ms. Kerr and Ms. Sherier
  • Need to send email to winners of Jog-a-thon and BoxTops that if their buddy class won too, then the can have their party together.
  • Safety Patrol – Kelly to email and let Mrs. Saunders know that PTO will take care of payment for party


Introductions\Round Table: Nikki called to order at 6:06

Treasurer’s Report: Raised $6300 with the auction. Net 5400 with a few more donations coming in. Expenses still coming in. bank balance 11700. 6600 left in budget.                                                                                                                                                                        

Vice Principal’s Time: Ms. Serna thanks us for our work on auction. OBOB was a success. Rob is coming to chat about shirts. Art night changed. Teachers going to conference on improvement science in San Francisco.                                                                                 

Volunteer Opportunities: Sunny L.

  • Current Opportunities:
    • Movie Night 3/16 – Coco. Tanya out of town, Kelly covering. Sunny will email next week.
    • Spring Pictures 3/14/18 taken care of!
    • Rescheduled Art show. Sunny will email next week.
    • Appreciation weeks in April. Will revisit.

New Business:

  • Auction: post event feedback.
    • Everything got picked up or paid for. Except 1 basket.
    • Parties are up on board till the end of week. Kelly to post on facebook.
    • Trees in courtyard for Ms. Saunders.
    • Job descriptions for the volunteers for the auction.
    • Parent suggested seeing if Mr. Rintz would volunteer to donate a class. Told parent we would talk about it but he does so much for us we hesitate to ask for more.
    • Tables close too early, anyway to extend table time.
    • People don’t read.
  • Box Tops submission (1,093 BT / $109.30). Class winners: LeDuff & Harp
  • Amazon Smile donation check mid-Feb (covers 10/1-12/31/17) $72.39
  • Books and Beyond program (Julie, inst. asst asked about PTO support in Sept. 2017). Approx $750 total program cost. We needed to revisit this post-auction. Ms Serna and Dr Webster to talk about it then get it back to us.
  • Dine out (Five Guys?) We are going to try for April and May. Chele organizing. Maybe for an activity vs. food. Bowling came up. You need to be strategic about placing bowlers on the lanes.
  • Appreciation weeks:
    • 3/5-3/9 Classified Appreciation Week  (Celebrating Staff Appreciation week in May)
    • 4/16-4/20 National Volunteer Appreciation Week Nikki and Sunny to work on it.
    • 4/23-4/27 Admin. Professionals Appreciation Week. Gift certs.
    • 5/7-5/11 Teacher Appreciation Week: scheduled Gotta Have Coffee Portland mobile espresso truck for 5/7 at 11am (teacher work day). $150 for 25ish teachers quoted. Monday is a day off trying to confirm if it is only teachers or if staff are going to be there too.
    • 5/21-5/25 National Educational Bosses Week. Painting to give to Dr. Webster and a gift card
  • Spring spirit wear sale: Due end of March/early April? Heidi moving to end of April. Nikki to be updated in time to update prices.
  • Spring plant sale: Order forms out this month? When due? Is Danielle coordinating? Nikki emailed.
  • Cameron Bergen to talk about site team. Cameron met with the Risk Manager (David Cruz) for our district. Concerned about active shooters and earthquakes. What is the protocol for threat assessment? Levels established and handout in our student handbook. Building security was assessed and inventoried in 2013. Recently the district is establishing a security task force to revisit assessments and armaments of the buildings this year. Clackamas to improve threat assessments and implementing Salem Keizer model (the gentlemen who made this model has a book) throughout the county. Unclear when that will be implemented. We don’t know who is going to be on it or what the complete directive is going to be. District website has a bond schedule with our info on it. Cameron will follow up with Clackamas to see when the implementation is on the schedule. Needs to have law enforcement on board. Active shooter uses Standard Response Protocol, Camerons question is if we are doing enough for an active shooter situation prep. ALICE is the other active shooter protocol. Discussed in previous meeting decided not to be adopted at that time. It is being used by other schools in Oregon. Website Cameron has a better one to give us later. Age and location specific training. $5000 cost for 11,000 students+teachers. Implemented within a school year 2 day training. Also will have detailed reunification scenarios. Cameron trying to get Risk Assessor to talk to Alice people. Earthquake preparedness plan for a longer reunification process. Lincoln City has a plan in place that has shipping containers full of supplies that would be given priority to children in school. If school isn’t in session. Ardenwald is a drop spot and gathering point for emergency 1st responders. City Council has another team besides cert working toward getting more 1st responders. Any stop gap measures we can put in place in between time? Any storage outside of the building?
  • School Cyber Safety meeting for parents happening March 21st 6:30
  • School Site Council-What is it? Who is it attached too?
  • Chele to talk about Points of Light. Disney has paired up with it. We are already registered. ALL ages can participate. You join their drive report back and get tickets to Disneyland raffle! Up to 20 tickets for the year. PTO can use them however we want raffle or giveaway.
  • PTO event/meeting to touch base and see how things go throughout the year would be helpful.

Old Business

  • Minutes Approval
  • How was OBOB? Went well.  
  • Bylaws/mission statement: Still needs to be updated and puwebsite
  • Green Team Request Planter Box Update: reached out to Jean’s farm. Meet with Dr. Webster, wants to come to our board meeting. Chele to re-email. Faith needs to confirm side to put them on and then top dress the soil. Will need volunteers to move dirt and boxes. Austin has fabric. Needs compost and wood chips. McFarlands could be asked or Dean innovations? No date set yet.
  • Popcorn Machine Update: Cameron fixed popcorn machine, and new scooper


Called to order 6:06pm by Tanya

Introductions\Round Table: Nikki and Lori unable to attend.

Treasurer’s Report: $7762 in bank. Have spent $8789.49. Raised net $8900 need $5000 to meet goal for the year.                                                                                                                                       

Vice Principal’s Time: Ms. Serna is unable to make it today.                                                                                          

Volunteer Opportunities: Sunny L.

  • Current Opportunities:
    • Movie Night 2/16/18 (Captain Underpants)
    • Auction 3/3/18 10 kids to volunteer at the auction from Clackamas high.
    • Spring Pictures 3/14/18, 2-3 volunteers
    • Art Night 2/22/18 Ms Cope hosting art night. Need 2-3 greeters on the night and  volunteers throughout the week. Hoping to get a tree for the PTO either in the building or on our bulletin board.

New Business:

  • Green Team Request (Faith Wildermuth):

She would like to do green team planting project in courtyard boxes built by the eagle scout.

– Needing some strong hands to move 2 of the planter boxes in court yard (she inquired about Jeff Loudon helping)

– Do we have any connection to get good soil/compost donated to fill the boxes? (can PTO contribute?)

-Julie may have dirt. Jay and Andy may be able to help move it. No decision made for monetary contributions.

  • Librarian teacher allotment:

Board agreed to include Librarian in $100 teacher allotments, Kelly informed Mrs. Wright of this.

  • Business card:

Review design and vote for approval

Approved. Sara to email Gabe and see what we need to move forward.

  • Popcorn machine:

Heating component burned out at last movie night.

– Cameron Bergen took home to see if it could be repaired, he is working on it this weekend.

– If not, we need to order new one ASAP…go with industrial popper? (also need new popcorn scoop, handle broken).

  • Labels for Education:
  • – The total points 10,439.
  • – Merchandise must be purchased by 5/31/18.
  • – Mr. Borelli has picked items he wants from catalog and Kelly’s looking into ordering.
  • Box Tops:
  • – Contest ends 2/23, we need to submit by 2/28/18.
  • – Flier and sheets up on PTO board, website & FB.
  • – Need to copy pass out flier to teacher this week. Have Mary send out through Peach Jar?
  • Blazers tickets. Sara will work with Jeff and maintain database. She will also email Mary to let staff know.

Old Business:

  • Minutes Approval-approved
  • Pretzel update-no standing order allowed. Needs to call a few days ahead of time. Tanya will call.
  • Go bags being handed out this week by Cameron.
  • No dine out this month. OK to wait till after auction.
  • Milwaukie Grad group have not gotten back to us about how they want our money.

OBOB Books Request (Mrs. Futch):

  • Prizes for approx. 55 students ($30 “I Love to Read Assortment”  from Oriental Trading)
  • – Pizza for students – approx. 5 pizzas from Costco
  • – Medals for final 2 teams (unsure of cost, she’s calling company). Around $33 for medals.
  • OK to give Mrs. Futch $100 toward prizes and food, need to contact her to figure out how to get her the money. Check or reimbursement?

Bylaws/mission statement:

  • – Have we located original document? Has it been updated?
  • – Need this for some donation requests. Need to post on our website. Nikki has at home. No digital copy. Need to retype and update. Will address at board meeting.


  • Space reservation status: kitchen/gym reserved? what time? Need to follow up with confirmation about Friday or Saturday. Chele re-emailed to confirm with Mary. Can we put the prizes on the stage and lock them in. Mr Rintz room back up. Need to ask staff.
  • Signs & flier status. Wichita Feed ok’d flyer, need to check in with Mike’s. Davis Graveyard usually says ok.
  • Entertainment status.  Waiting to hear back from face painter and photobooth.
  • Food status. We are doing presale. Need to get that done ASAP. Kelly will work on it.  Kona Ice said ok! Will bring little truck. They will measure. Custodian can remove middle bar if needed. Will provide with raffle basket. Emailed Nikki about food update
  • Cashier status: chip readers? similar set-up to last year? Sara and Sylvia have chip readers to borrow. Tanya to call tomorrow.
  • Volunteer status: need jobs/shifts up on Help Counter. 10 Key Club kids confirmed. Going to come at 3pm. Kohls volunteers? High school volunteers? Need to have food handlers card for kitchen.
  • Donation status: need help making final calls, picking up donations, and in-person donation requests. Purchase a couple bigger ticket items for auction/raffle?
    • Costco was dropped off.
    • Chele hasn’t been able to go downtown for Bite of Milwaukie. Have some donations pending.
    • No response for booze donations
    • Chele needs help making calls blank sections means we need to call donors.
    • Chele starting to put stuff on Calendars for next year/ other donations. I.E. Target will donate up to $3000 for transportation.
    • Hoping to get a grill to raffle or Auctions
  • Teacher request status: created group gmail contact for Teachers and Instructional Assistants. Need to email them and Include language that if they can’t donate item/services they can support us by attending and spreading the word. Only had a few teachers respond. Will also add a flyer for teachers to send home via Class Dojo or Remind.
  • Decorations/supplies status: what do we need more of and need to pick-up/order now? Are we doing balloons again? new PTO table? Kelly and Tanya will go through room on Wednesday to take inventory on what we need. Chele going to make a banner for the big cash sponsors.  Will put out business cards for donations.
  • Brochure for supporters, what to do with logos.
  • Need extra person for counter at the door? Counting bodies? Families? Active bidders?
  • OLCC permit applied for this week.
  • More Walkie talkies? Tanya will price out. Not happy with current walkie talkies.


Nikki called to order 6:05pm

Introductions\Round Table

Treasurer’s Report: $8458 in bank need $5000 to meet goal. We have raised $9700 so far this year. Box top money came in today: $334.                                                                                             

Vice Principal’s Time: Ms. Serna:

  • Update on meeting with the city, Things are going better, especially with someone guiding the traffic. Transportation has to get the city to have a hearing. It will help to have parents at the meeting Ms. Serna will let us know when that is going to happen. The neighborhood will get flyers.
  • Fuch wonders about Battle of the Books, could she get money for prizes and pizza instead of books. Need amount of kids and prizes. Ok for up to 4 pizzas, how many kids? Still want to get books for next year for the library. Next years list will be out in June. Nikki to email Fuchs.
  • Harry Potter party teachers were hoping we could fund the party. Nikki/PTO usually takes care of it and is planning to this year too. ($30ish)?
  • Any way we can get t-shirts for the whole student body? Has done it in the past for other schools and it was awesome. Ms. Serna to meet with Heidi.
  • Dr. Webster wants a greeter for the dance so that there are no stranglers or bigger kids. (Should be someone.)                                                                                    

New Business:

  • Winter Concert.
  • Mr Rintz is available for the dance! Tanya to confirm and Nikki to email RE his needs for snacks etc.
  • Lori to set up dine out for the end of the month.
  • Tanya to get cash and carry to special order us bags of pretzels for the beginning of the month. Costco stopped selling the big bags.

Volunteer Opportunities: Sunny L.

  • Current Opportunities:
    • Family Dance 1/12/18 Need more volunteers, Kelly to post on Facebook.
    • Movie Night 1/19/18
    • Auction 3/3/18 Look into other companies whose companies will pay for volunteer hours

Old Business:

  • Minutes Approval-approved
  • Family dance plan
    • Decorations taken care of. Needs volunteers to help decorate day of event.
    • Lori to call Zappos $12 dollars a pizza was estimate last time we talked to them. 5-8 Pizzas?
  • Auction update
    • Friday clear for set up? Still need to check. Nikki to text Mary
    • Mr. Rintz Availability, we think so Tanya will double check.
    • Disneyland is sending us tickets!
    • Superhero update, Tanya to touch base
    • Face painters and balloons need to be contacted.
    • Going back to ticket pick up system
    • Kelly heading entertainment, Sara and Sarah taking payments, Tanya and Sunny raffle and numbers, Nikki heading kitchen.
    • Flyers still need to be printed. Nikki still has yard signs will get out to people by end of month.
    • Barb retired so we need to contact new people re food. Nikki to reach out to new owner.
    • Not a lot of things for the auction but lots of gift cards and money.
  • Battle of the Books (see notes under VP section) Nikki sent an email to Alison for details.
  • Bug Out Bags: Are done and to the teachers. If they teachers leave the bag goes with them. Still working on a bucket emergencies. (with food and water and lollipops) Nikki needs to contact home depot to ask for buckets.  Going to try and distribute them during the Friday assembly or after?
  • Jay willing to work on making a screen to cover the junk on the stage with Kelly.

Upcoming Events:

  • Family Dance 1/12/18
  • Movie Night 1/8/18
  • Auction 3/3/18
  • Appreciation Weeks


Introductions\Round Table: Nikki called to order at 6:01pm. Nikki, Tanya, Sunny, Sarah and Sara in attendance.

Treasurer’s Report: We are doing pretty good. Sarah waiting on transportation forms and large expenditures coming.

Vice Principal’s Time: Ms. Serna was not here, she is sick. Nikki to meet with Ms. Serna. The school is meeting with the city regarding with no parking on Roswell.             

New Business:

  • Alison Fuch wants more Battle of the Books, books. Need to check in with treasurer on amount, and with Mrs. Wright over which ones are needed. We voted all vote aye.
  • Check PTO dates with Mary to make sure the Friday before Auction is clear for set up.
  • Nikki brought up some sort of stage cover for the school stage. Hope City has a nice one, Tanya going to talk to Carly where the church got theirs.

Volunteer Opportunities: Sunny L.

  • Sunny going to email Kohls, and the care club.
  • Sunny also put out a letter to each class about volunteering.
  • Current Opportunities:
    • Movie Night 12/8
    • Family Dance 1/12/18
    • Movie Night, January
    • Auction 3/3/18

Old Business:

  • Minutes Approval, voted approved.
  • Movie Night, rules update went ok, no one said much. Walkie talkies were a hit.
  • Family dance plan, still need a meal for the dance. Zappos still a possibility. Set up a photo both, white lights. Need supplies for decorations. We need to move the mats to the stage.
  • Bug out bags update, Nikki putting together. Just need to assemble and distribute to teachers! Probably will get out next week.
  • Auction, Hand flyers to print out. Nikki to do this week. Tanya to email Mr. Rintz about dance/auction availability.
  • LORI OR CHELE please email Zappos re dance food and home depot for buckets with lids for bug out bag.
  • Sarah is working on bylaws, need to try and get Kristen to get us the previous bylaws.
  • The bee balm company finally got back to Nikki. Costs about 100 bucks for lip balm.

Upcoming Events:

  • Movie Night 12/8/17
  • Family Dance 1/12/18
  • Auction 3/3/18
  • Appreciation Weeks


6:04 Tanya called to order.

Introductions\Round Table

Treasurer’s Report: Current balance $9745. Raised via Jogathon $2600, Bingo $1448. Halfway to fundraising goal.

Vice Principal’s Time: Ms. Serna says staff loved food for conferences. Bingo seemed good. Looking for a 2nd grade teacher. Reached out to city RE congestion during pickup and drop off. City to look at no parking signs. Sara asked about putting up a sandwich board for meeting days to get new members. Also mentioned notice board not updated, Ms Serna will mention it. Ms. Serna also reminded us about KohlsCare. Get volunteers and money!

New Business:

  • Jog-a-thon class winners: Kerr & Sherier
  • Box Tops
    • Class winners: Saunders & Coppedge
    • Submission status: mailed 10/31/17 pending approval
      • $334.30 (3,083 BT & 260 bonus BT)
  • Labels for Education
    • Submission status: not mailed (due by 1/2/18)
      • 357 points
    • This is last submission, program ending.
    • Mr. Borrelli gets the full balance of labels to purchase stuff for gym/PE.
  • Spirit Wear Fall Orders: Rob Campbell working on completion. Hope to distribute next week.
  • Toy Drive 12/4: flier out to parents? Plan?
  • Family Dance 1/12/18: 80s theme. Plan?
  • Five guys Dine out for December? Ask Chele.
  • Tanya has a friend who wants help for her friends PTO. Boise-Elliot PTO? Will talk about it during the board meeting.

Volunteer Opportunities: Sunny L.

  • Current Opportunities:
    • Movie Night 11/17/17 having a large turnout the last 2 times. Need more volunteers. Tanya is going to get walkie talkies. Going to have station at the base of the stairs for drop off and pick up. Always 2 people in the room. Maybe update age limit. What is the limit of the room? Bring up at board meeting to solidify plan for possible change to policy. Code of conduct for the kids/adults. Solidify Plan for conduct.
    • Toy Drive 12/4
    • Movie Night 12/8
    • Family Dance 1/12/18 need to block of gym pads. Maybe ask Mr. Borrelli to move mats on the side.
    • Sunny has a new hand out about volunteering to give to teachers, front side about ease of volunteering and how to volunteer. Maybe ask teachers to ask their volunteers, post on remind and class dojo. Volunteer raffle for people who volunteer over 10 hours.

Old Business:

  • Minutes Approval
  • Bingo Night – post-event input/feedback
  • Bug-out-bags: Mrs. Powers gave Nikki some new bags & tips. Ready to purchase stuff.

Upcoming Events:

  • Movie Night 11/17/17
  • Toy Drive – 12/4/17
  • Movie Night 12/8/17
  • Family Dance 1/12/18
  • Auction 3/3/18

Joel Rush from Boy Scouts came to the meeting. We are the charter for them, basically they need a non profit to sponsor them. He is going to leave after this year wants to check in with us. Has almost 30 boys in their pack.  His kids need volunteer hours for badges. 1-5th graders, 5-6 boys per grade. We fill out paperwork, no financial commitment. Renewal coming up next year


Nikki called to order 6:04pm

New Business:

  • Clackamas Fire Presentation on safety and community. October is Fire Prevention month. Will be hosting open stations around the county. This year’s topic is “Have two ways to get out!”. Good time to discuss with families. Will help with scare tactics if needed. They had to go and left flyers for us.
  • Mitzi from the bond and school board came to sit in on the meeting and will give us a heads up at the end.
  • Movie night-Tanya going to write up etiquette letter and there will be rules and consequences.
  • Magnets have arrived Sunny will separate magnets and give out to teachers via boxes.
  • Dine out on Thursday for Mike’s drive in!

Vice Principal’s Time: Ms. Serna

  • Owl’s nest is getting used quite a bit. The boat is getting used the most. Students have to sign in, they are tracking who/what/when is getting used. If a student is using it very frequently they may need more intervention.
  • She shared with the staff our budget. Mary had already ordered the magazines. The staff loves being helped with transportation. Staff would like more help with technology. What is the technology strategy for the school? We would also need to know what we have at the school.
  • We need to remind the teachers about donors choose, especially when it is the double match day. Ms. Serna will bring up on Thursday for the teacher meeting.
  • Ms. Serna to remind teachers to reach out regarding Auction Donations to teachers.

Treasurer’s Report: $6800 in bank. Taxes filed. Sarah is looking into insurance.

Volunteer Opportunities: Sunny L.

Picture day volunteers are  taken care of, not many for Movie night yet. Starbucks coming to Bingo, maybe students from High School too. Thinking about 25+hours volunteers get entered into a raffle.

  • Current Opportunities:
    • International Walk to School Day – 10/4 All routes covered.
    • Picture Day – 10/4 Covered.
    • Costume Drive and Movie Night – (exchange 10/20 movie night) Faith may be able to help. Swap encouraged, no one turned away.
    • Bingo Night – 10/27/17
    • Book Fair- 10/27/17

Old Business:

  • Minutes Approval=minutes approved.

Upcoming Events:

  • International Walk to School Day – 10/4
  • Costume Drive and movie night- 10/20
  • Bingo Night – 10/27
    • Nikki getting flyers together for teachers. Will have sign up and a list of ideas. Ms Serna suggests doing grades rather than classes also to offer to allow donations rather than items. Maybe do baskets ahead of time so kids could see them and get parents excited.
    • Food, pizzas didn’t come through. Talking about sliders. Sarah suggests Papa Murphy’s. $5 dollar pizzas. Ms Serna suggests Tostadas/nachos. Pasta also suggested.
    • Seating was at a premium
    • Next year try and find a food truck?
  • Fall Box Tops collection
  • Fall Spirit Wear orders
  • Toy Drive 12/4

Safe Routes to School:

  • Safety patrol flags & vests are done and at the school! Receipts are turned in. Only 4 flags were available to purchase.
  • SRTS map for parents/students, Cameron is working on it, will revisit in November.

Auction Donations

  • Share with parents to submit leads for donations to Lori or Chele
  • Auction team wants to send out feelers to students about leads for auction, donations. Nikki will get paperwork to Chele and Lori.
  • Forms need to printed, Nikki will print request forms.
  • We got the Disney passes to auction!
  • Head to tails game, win a pot. May be fun for mid auction break.


  • School budget committee has 2 vacancies applications have to be turned in by OCT 2.
  • District needs bus drivers.
  • PCLA Meeting about after school care. Parent and Community Leadership Alliance. www.facebook.com/pcla.ncs
  • Transition to middle school program in August was very successful. Will probably happen again.


Nikki Called meeting to order at 6:02pm

Introductions\Round Table:Nikki introduced board.Fundraising goal is $13,779.86 in order to make the budget for next year. We are still able to fund teacher allotment. Ms. Serna to let teachers know. Forms also on website.                                                                     

Vice Principal’s Time: Ms. Serna introduced herself. She is working on how to thank the church for the back to school night.Owls Nest is new this year. Helps student self regulate. Students can go for 10 minutes via their own or teachers request. Darkness to Light came to principal’s meeting, working on when they can come here. New Parking lot procedure, staff has been managing traffic.

New Business:

  • Jean Roy and Dana Vissey with the Eco-School Network parent based organization. Dessert meetup Oct. 4th at 7pm, will be an informational meeting at the Happy Valley Public Library.

Volunteer Opportunities: Sunny L.

  • Current Opportunities: We always need Volunteers!
    • Dental Sealant
    • Movie Nights
    • Jog-A-Thon
    • International Walk to School Day
    • Costume Drive decorate trick or treat bags.
    • Bingo Night Sunny to talk to Jeff about Starbucks Volunteers. Contact Kohls to see if we can do 6 volunteers and $600.
    • Auction

Jeff Loudon has free tickets to Hank Williams Jr. at Moda Center. Bonus for people who attended the meeting. He often has tickets for Moda events usually last minute and need %75 turn out.

Upcoming Events:

  • Movie Night Some issues with district redoing website but event is the same.
  • Jog-A-thon
  • International Walk to School Day, will need volunteers to walk parents and kids to school. Must have background check.
  • Costume Drive Exchange. Collect costumes to trade out for new to them costumes. Parents to pick out.
  • Bingo Night
  • Toy Drive Exchange. Collect Toys to trade out for new to them toys. Parents to pick out.
  • Auction

Dinelle Wright is the new librarian, needs volunteers to help shelve the books. Students can now get books at any time during the week. Book Fair is coming up, offering up a percentage if we can help. Bingo Night will be during book fair. Needs us to release Ardenwald Library Facebook domain.

Julie wants to start up Books and Beyond Program to get kids excited about books and writing about books. Involves logging books and incentives(book and writing incentives). Needs parent volunteers to read logs, ideas of places to ask for prizes(sponsors get advertising) and financial backing. Awards for kids and classes who read the most.  Approx $750 cost for the program.

Election in October for positions not filled. (President and Vice President)

Box Tops due in October

Spiritwear due in October: Staff requesting zip front hoodies

King Elementary in NE proposing sister school, not sure what it means, Sunny to research further.

Old Business:

  • Minutes Approval=approved